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Running with a group is often easier, more enjoyable and more productive than training on your own (though sometimes you’ve just got to get out there solo and get the miles done). Our Tuesday and Saturday coached run sessions place focus on developing running technique and running speed. These sessions will help lift your running to a new level far more than doing the same run at the same speed every time. Come along and give them a try – applicable for all runners, as sessions are adapted according to ability.

Day, Time & Venue Details Cost Coaching
Saturday, 1030 – 1130 Various locations Coached session eg intervals or hills n/a Yes
Sunday, from the Clubhouse 8:30am. Some Club organised runs – check diary for details. Otherwise, individually arranged. Long run Cross country to Hatfield Forest. Low intensity. Runners should run at a pace to easily hold a conversation.Longer runs available for Marathon/IronMan training n/a None
Tuesday, 19:15 meet, for 1930 – 2015 session¬†@ the Clubhouse Coached session Usually intervals – duration/distance/speed adjusted to suit runner’s goals (45min session) n/a Yes
Wednesday, 1930 – 2100 from the Clubhouse Club Group run April to September cross-country to Hatfield Forest. October to March roads around Stortford. This is the main Running Club session. Food and bar available afterwards. Stay on at the Clubhouse to socialise and refuel.Time Trial Monthly timed 5 mile run – 1st Wednesday of each month n/a Advice available
Friday, 1930 Р2030 Mark Hall School (check notices) Coached track Session organised periodically for groups of similar pace n/a Yes