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We have cyclists riding various speeds and distances within the Club – from those training for Ironman riding 100miles, those training for 12.5miles at high speed for sprint distance tris, and those who prefer to ensure there is a tea-shop enroute (well, we all enjoy that now and again actually).  If you have a bike and can ride ten miles or so, we can find you someone to ride with.

Longer rides divide into smaller groups based on cycling speed and distance. Many of our rides typically remain within 5-10 miles radius of Bishops Stortford so turning for home early is always an option for the less experienced.

Our Thursday evening cycle ride is a more intense session, but do not be put off – these sessions are suitable for all abilities, as any efforts are self-paced.  We will either be on turbo trainers at the Club house, or out on the roads for some intervals. At the Club house, the turbos allow us to stick together while working at different levels and to practise our bike/run transitions with ‘brick sessions’. For road intervals, we ride out of town to some quieter country roads, where we ride out and back repetitions, ensuring everyone regroups at the start of each pair of intervals.

Cyclists are expected to be reasonably self-sufficient (i.e. bike in working order and equipped to repair a puncture) though we never leave anyone alone to fix a puncture, unless they request it!   And there if you have any maintenance issues, advice can easily be given.

Day, Time & Venue Type of Session Cost
Saturday to/from Redricks Lane Lake (May-Sept only) Some people elect to ride to/from the lake. (Warning – last section of road is not tarmac and requires care on a road bike) n/a
Wednesday @ Clubhouse (Summer) Brick Session – selected Wednesdays
Bike ride to precede Club run session, or multiple turbo/run reps instead of Club run session
Thursday, 1830-2000 (Summer –  May-Sept only) Interval session
Self-paced session, suitable for all abilities
Warmup + intervals depending on ability (eg  3mins x5 up to 6mins x 5-6)
Thursday, 1930-2100 (Winter, from early Oct)
Turbo Training
One hour of coach led indoor training on your own bike – suitable for all abilities
Arrive and setup from 19:30. Start at 20:00
Thursday, 1930 (Summer)
Audley End
10 Mile TT (organised by Walden Tri)
Monthly 10 Mile Time Trial
Saturday or Sunday (Winter)
08:30 from Clubhouse
Group Ride
Sat or Sun depending on weather (check email/Facebook in few days prior) –  Three groups of different speeds  –  up to 14mph  average (22.5kph); 14-17.5mph (up to 28kph); 18mph+ (>28kph average). Duration 1-2.5hrs depending on group.   Use Stortford Tri Facebook group to find out more and let us know you are coming along
Sunday 0830 (Summer+Autumn)
Group Ride
2-4 hour road ride on various countryside routes
Three different pace groups to cater all speeds


Notes on Turbo Training

These are held indoors at our Clubhouse in winter. The Club now has three turbo trainers that can be booked in 2 week blocks for use, but if participation turbo is going to be regular we recommend purchasing your own after a short while – you can then use it at home yourself on rainy days.

You’ll need: your bike, cycling shoes, cycling shorts and suitable clothing for getting sweaty; a drink bottle; a towel for sweat management; and your turbo trainer. If you have a block to raise the front wheel, Cadence Meter and a Heart Rate Monitor bring those too (these are not essential – don’t worry if you don’t have them). There are power outlets for those who need them (ie advanced, electronic turbo trainers).

Showers are available if you wish to wash before going home.

The sessions will be structured and progressive through the winter – focussing initially on technique and economy, and then on cardiovascular development. They are suitable for (and attended by) cyclists of all abilities.