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Bike interval meeting point

Bike intervals start near Green Tye, between Bishop’s Stortford and Sawbridgeworth.   We use a quiet road called Parsonage Lane which runs down towards the main Stortford-Sawbo road, running south-east from the junction.

The ride out from Stortford to the meeting point is the warmup – intervals will start immediately.

Recommended route is to leave Stortford on the B1004 towards Much Hadham.  Take the left turn opposite Hadham golf club, which might be signposted Green Tye and Sawbridgeworth (goes past Warren Farm on map below).  That road takes you right to the junction meeting point.    If in doubt, post on Facebok and arrange to ride out with someone.

The intervals consist of a number of reps, riding hard for a prescribed amount of time (allows for everyone to train at their own pace), riding gently on for a short recovery before turning and riding another hard interval back towards the junction.   Everyone thus regroups before going off on the next pair of intervals.