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The date of the 5th Race in the Stortford Tri Mid-week Aquathlon Series – previously set to occur on the 10th September – will now occur on the 17th September. As it is the last race in the series it has the earlier start time of 6:30pm.

The date has changed for 2 reasons – first to allow 5 of our regular competitors who will be racing in the World Champs, Hyde Park to complete this series – when I set the dates for the aquathlon series the date for the World Champs aquathlon had not been announced; and secondly to avoid another clash with an event nearby. An Aquathlon series race initiated by BTF at the Broxbourne white water centre will clash with our final race if held on the 10th as it did with our previous race earlier this month.

I hope that you will still be able to make Race 5 and look forward to seeing you at Redricks Lake.

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