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Well there was certainly a great turn out on Tuesday for the third in this year’s series of the mid-week aquathlons. Last month we saw a record number of people participate and attributed it to the fantastic weather we were experiencing. Could the persistent warm weather have been a factor in the 30% increase in entries this month!  Hopefully it was also in part due to the enjoyment people get out of doing it.

This month we saw an increase in participation from RG Active Race Team – some of them fresh back from Ironman Frankfurt; also an increase in the number of independents from various running clubs.

Well done to all of you on your great effort.

The field size this month took us a little by surprise….we were 5 entrants below the race limit that we set; set mainly because of the concern over the logistics of manual time keeping. We may not have passed the first test but hopefully we have sorted it out as I have had no feedback via Facebook that there are any problems with the results. I guess I could have just called them ‘interim’ results and no one would have known J

This month we also started the ladies first. I would be interested to hear feedback on keeping to this format.

George Cook making it look effortless!

The men’s senior race was won again by George Cook who has put in a consistent effort over the past 3 races. He has also been first across the line at all three races – that’s pretty impressive as he is technically still a junior. The good news for the rest of the senior men is that George’s dad tells me they have holiday and family commitments that will keep George away from the last two races – so that opens the competition up for you. Well done to George and we wish him well with his pursuits over the remainder of the season.

Mel Barkow-Graham – Senior ladies winner

Mel Barlow-Graham’s persistence paid off when she came home first in the senior ladies race. There has been a lot of place swapping in this group which is going to prove interesting in the race for the series title.

In the veteran category we had two ‘winners’ that benefitted from my interim results J but the actual winners on the night were Caroline Coles from RG Active Race Team and Alan Pritchard from Cambridge & Coleridge Athletic Club; both first time participants in the series.

Special mention to the runners up in these categories – Karen Cole just back from IM Frankfurt and Andy Bourne who race to the event directly from the airport – more significantly they each give their category winners more than 10 years in age difference. It’s a pity that we only have 2 categories but maybe if the numbers continue to grow and are consistent we can consider introducing finer age group granularity.

Let’s not forget those that raced further down the field – their efforts are equally commendable and without whom we cannot have a race at the front of the field.

Thanks again for my volunteers – this series can’t happen without you. Apologies if I have offended any of you.

Until next month …..  (where’s that cap??) …13th August

To find the results look over here ->Aquathon-Race 3 2013 results

Debbie Tompson bearing the colours for the home club!!


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